Saturday, January 30, 2010

Matilda Jane Rocks!

I am so freaking excited to be hosting a trunk show for THE MOST amazing children's clothing line on the planet- Matilda Jane. This line of clothing is often copied, but never duplicated- I've been drooling over it for years! Their clothes make my photographer heart sing b/c they look SO amazing on children (and their adult line is just as beautiful). If you are looking for some way cool Easter outfits for your kiddos (or yourself) that can't be found in any store in the mall, this is where you are going to want to shop.




to sweeten the deal, I am going to offer some serious print credits (to be used on past OR future sittings) for every dollar that you spend on their clothing!


Mark your calendar, it will be a girl's night out with wine and cheese at my casa in The Woodlands, Texas!

Saturday, February 27th at 7 pm ;-)

PS: If I don't have your mailing address and you would like to attend, send me an email


Thursday, January 28, 2010

The craziest things happen to me on shoots, like here and here.

On this shoot, I do believe I came face to face with Satan himself. Or at least one of his accomplices.

I was busily taking pictures of this beauty...

When her brother...

Got a little too close to the fence separating us from this thing...

And it became quite upset.

(OK, I know this pictures is bad, but I was not about to get close enough to get a good one)

Have you ever seen a mad emu/ostrich/pteradactyl/whatever it is?

It's eyes literally glow red with fury, and it is NOT afraid of humans. All I can say is I thank my stars there was a fence between us and IT. Had there not been one, we may have been nothing but bird droppings by now. After we ran for our lives, we realized how funny it was and returned to peep at it. By then the bird was done with us.

OK, pop quiz- what does her expression remind you of?

Hint- it's one VERY famous painting that I think is in the Louvre in Paris right now.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well hello there!

OK, this is going to be quick because I hear the kids downstairs making lots of noise and I know they are getting into something (at what age can you quit worrying about that and will they not require constant supervision anymore?).

{UPDATE: In the time it took me to write this blog post, Emily had spilled sprinkles all over the floor and Kaylee and Presley were proceeding to lick them up}

- I am building a new website, so if you have a gallery from 2009 still active on the old website, get that order in soon please!

- I have a fun contest coming up for my favorite pics from 2009. Stay tuned... if I took your pictures (or your kid's picture) in 2009, there is a chance you could win something good!

And a post without a picture is no bueno, here here is an old one I haven't blogged yet!

And on a more serious note- one of my clients/friends has a tiny baby that is on the heart transplant list. She is not even four months old yet and has been fighting for her life since New Years. Please PRAY for this family!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am going to start a new series on this blog of random and discombobulated thoughts and happenings around the Robinson household that are totally unrelated to my photography business. Or maybe the posts will be related to the business. See? I'm random and discombobulated that way.

- I went to read the book "Wierd Parents" to Emily's class last month. Before I began, I asked the group of first graders if any of them had wierd parents? Emily blurted out with "I do! I do! My dad holds my head down and toots on it!" As I turned red and tried to hush her up, I saw the teacher duck her head to hide her smile and pretend she didn't hear that particular outburst. Keep in mind the dad Emily speaks of is an administrator for the district. (We'll see how long this thought stays up before Jesse makes me take it down :))

- I've somehow convinced myself that it is OK to wear ugly fake furry Crocs in public. With yoga pants. I am thinking that if I wear gym clothes and look really gross in public, people will think I have been working out for hours and will be impressed by my committment to fitness. If you see someone pushing a shopping cart with four loud kids, wet hair pulled into a bun, no makeup, and brown furry Crocs with gray yoga pants, it's probably yours truly.

- Random announcement by Kaylee "Mommy, I AM pottytrained. I just sometimes don't wipe my butt."

- School lunches are appalling. Why in the world would they offer children cookies and ice cream every day if they want them to actually behave? I think I am going to start a facebook group - Conroe ISD parents for healthier school lunches. Who is in it with me?

- I think we are going to cut Emily's hair off to her chin (her request) and donate it to Locks of Love. That makes my heart smile.

Speaking a smiling heart- check out my boy. {love him}

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One Short Little Sneak Peek

Because I haven't posted anything dramatic in a while, here you go...

When I saw this girl's beautiful coloring, I knew I had to use this particular pashmina somehow on her... and because I can't decide if I like color or B/W better, I'm showing you both :-)

More from this session to come.

PLUS a very special post dedicated to my 2009 clients, who will have the opportunity to win some fantastic goodies! Stay tuned...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I've said it before....

and I will say it again.

Newborns. DO. Smile!

I hope your new year is off to a great start so far. Mine is! Lots and lots of great things are in the works for the Robinson household.

Jesse signed up for an Ironman in Cozumel later this year. That's a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike, and then a full marathon. In order to train, he set up the bike trainer in the middle of the living room, so now my house looks like a cross between Toys R Us and Bikeland. I gave up my dreams of House Beautiful once I had kids and the load of brightly colored plastic crap moved in with them. I can't wait until the kids hang up posters of Poison and Skid Row in their bedrooms like I did. I'm sure my mother was so pleased to see those posters after she spent all that time and effort wallpapering my room and picking out the perfect matching fabric.

You know what? That's what she gets for wallpapering my room. (Just kidding MOM!)

This was the exact poster I had. I am giggling. Now that is a hair band. Jesse is standing over me as I am typing this and we just busted out in unison with "Eighteen and life you got it, Eighteen and life to goooooo!" (If you weren't a teenager in the early nineties, move on to the next paragraph, you just won't get it).

How did I digress into the subject of 80's hair bands from talking about the year 2010?

Anyway, lots of fun things in store this year for {doe•ee•bird} photography as well, including a new website, a redesigned blog, and much, much more that I am not going to tell you about until later! Of course, that also means a few pricing adjustments, so if you know you want to book a session in 2010, best to do it now before the prices increase!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Monday

Hope you have a wonderful day today. I know this little girl will as she spends it with her (now) 6 day old twin sisters. More of them later...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The mom of these girls...

is officially crowned my coolest client. Officially.


We were in the middle of shooting her precious little girls, when a fairly large HUGE, semi-scary RABID dog BEAST started barking, SNARLING and FROTHING AT THE MOUTH, and timidly, FEARLESSLY, started advancing CHARGING towards us (who me prone to exagerration? Never).

We decided to pack up and get the heck out of dodge, when the huge, rabid, snarly, frothy-mouthed beast grabbed my little vintage children's umbrella and ran off with it! I had already kissed it goodbye in my head and started planning where to search for a new one... but the mom of these two went after the beast as I watched dumbfounded. Three minutes later, she rounded the corner with a triumphant expression and my umbrella in hand! How cool is THAT?

And the infamous umbrella, held by their cousin...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Presley, my sweet sweet little Presley. Today you are four years old. I can't believe that four years ago, this amazing woman delivered you in the wee hours of the morning. That experience is as fresh as if it were yesterday.  I remember holding you as a tiny infant, almost feeling panicked because you were so perfect and I was so scared it could not possibly get any better. But it HAS gotten better. Every day.

This is you at four years old.

A bit of an insomniac.  You inherited that gene from my side of the family, because it definetly does not exist on the Robinson side.  Sorry about that. Your midnight visits have become common, no matter how hard we fight them. But allow me to let you in on a little secret. I don't battle them as much as I could. Just this week, I heard you quietly creeping into our room with your crazy messy hair clutching your froggie blanket and pink puppies and when I called your name, you answered with a whisper "I love you." So I continue to let you in our bed. And continue to get sub standard sleep because of it. You are not a still sleeper and getting kicked in my back is common. Your visits are not good for my spine. But they are good for my soul. And I'll take that.

A Lover- probably the most affectionate of your siblings. Yesterday you told me you were married to Jude and that Kaylee was your girlfriend. You come into my office at least once per day just to tell me you love me and it is often punctuated by the words 'SO bad!" as in "Mommy, I love you SO BAD."

Picky, picky, picky. Presley, you drive me crazy sometimes.  I have given up trying to dress you. I will let you wear whatever you want as long as its weather appropriate. But the morning battles continue as you try to figure out what to wear.  This wasn't supposed to happen until you were a teenager. Can you please just let Mommy dress you every once in a while (maybe once a month?) without a full out battle? The other days- your polka dot/stripes/flowered/layered mismatch of clothing is fine.  And another thing. That Beatles Tshirt I got you IS pretty cool- I admit it. But not 5 out of 7 days per week and not after you have dug it out of the dirty clothes.  Can we limit it to 1-2 times per week and only after it has been washed?

Perhaps a little OCD (take after your dad in this department, not me!).  You want your water with ice and God forbid I get it from the tap or an all out meltdown ensues. Only filtered water from the refrigerator is appropriate for you.

Shy.  Much, much, much more shy than the rest.  You don't take well to new people or new situations.  It was tough sending you to Preschool those first few weeks when you hid and wrapped yourself around our legs and screamed.  Much different than Emily and Kaylee who were all "See ya!" as scampered off into their classrooms.  Thankfully you seem to like it now.

Although you are not my oldest, you were MY first born and the one that originally made me a mother.  And you cannot possibly understand what that means until it happens to you one day.

Happy Fourth Birthday Presley.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

So I know this post is a bit late, but Happy New Year to all!!

I explained to the kids what a New Year's Resolution was and then asked them what was their resolution? What did they want to do in 2010?

Kaylee (age 5) and without a moment's hesitation- "To eat more cupcakes!"
Presley (age almost 4)- "To eat more cupcakes!"
Jude (age 2.5)- "I like sprinkles."
Emily (age 7)- "To celebrate everything"


What a profound statement. That statement puts my {year-round} resolutions

(mainly revolving around purging and organization- really- my closets/garage/toy chests are a diasaster. I mean, really really bad... way too much stuff. WAY too much).

to shame.

Once again, the kids have it right.

What better way to illustrate a post about the New Year than with a couple of brand new babes?

Love me some newborns.

You've seen these little ladies before.

This one is 8 days old.

{playing for change}

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