Sunday, May 31, 2009

The many faces of Macie Paige

I wonder what it is about chunky, roly poly babies that makes my brain get a little fuzzy and my mouth start to salivate a little.  Is there some physiological reason embedded in the female brain that causes this to happen? I once got so frustrated that my 3 girls were fighting over anything that was pink, that I googled "little girls" and "color pink" to find out WHY they were so enamored with this particular shade. Turns out there are a myriad of theories about why little girls and women gravitate towards pink. Many of the theories centered around women being gatherers in ancient times and pink being a sign of ripe fruit. Anyhoo- I'm wondering if there are similar theories about fat chunky babies and why they cause women to get all mushy inside and say things like "I just want to eat her!" They are absolutely delicious!

Although I love these pictures that were taken at my Jude's 2nd bday party, they just don't do the rolls justice. Good thing we have another shoot scheduled for July. I can't wait to get my camera on the pure chunkiness of Macie. I've told Mom she needs to put Macie on a diet of vanilla shakes and chicken wings until the shoot to ensure the same level of roundness.
I do love how storyboards like the one above display. Sometimes pictures are more effective when displayed in groups. This one is a 20x10 and captures the many expressions of this little sweetie. 


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