Monday, November 22, 2010

 You've likely seen these sweeties before on my blog... this time we went fishing! I llllooooovvvvveeeee this family!  Mom and Dad made poles out of wooden sticks... and when I asked these ladies what their fish looked like, they replied "Daddy!"

And here is little brother, aka "boy boy."   Mom brought along his bedding, which was still pretty much brand new, as rumor has it, he has yet to sleep in his crib... ha!

If I don't blog again before Thanksgiving, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Something New

These are a bit different than my typical newborn images. Which turned out to be a really, really good thing... because I think these are some of my favorite newborn shots ever.

These images remind me of what it feels like to have that perfect little newborn and how I could just stare for hours at their tiny, miniature features...and how each little spastic movement as they got used to living in a big world and not enclosed up tight in a womb brought a fresh, giddy little smile to my face... and how each little yawn and sweet smile they gave as they slept brought an indescribable joy that only another parent could understand.

Ahhh, I was one mother that was in pure heaven with my newborns. I didn't mind the crying or sleepless nights, or the sudden loss of any and all personal time or space. I had found (or been given really) a new kind of love so powerful and consuming that made those other "inconveniences" completely meaningless and trivial.  

Courteney, thank you for allowing me to capture these moments. You are so crazy beautiful in your role as a mother and I hope you see that through these images.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

I love my clients

You know why? They are all too sweet and polite to tell me I suck for making them wait so long for sneak peeks.

They get it.

They know I am swamped and have four little kids that come first. They know I put my heart into their sessions and their images. They know I put my heart into other's sessions, so they sit quietly and patiently and wait for their sneak peeks and for me to finish their galleries (even if I am a day later than I promised I would be), and don't bug me because they get it.

Thanks guys. Y'all rock.

And because this mom is especially sweet and I know she has been waiting, here is your sneak peek!

Remember her from this session?  Same awesome cheeks. Eyes are even bigger and bluer now!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Be Still My Beating Heart...

This wee one certainly caught my heart... after she played with and sang to my sock monkey, she did the sweetest little curtsy/bow and then very exuberantly thanked her audience. 

I won't forget that performance for a very long time ... makes my heart smile :-)

And you may remember her little brother from here.   He's getting big... as they all do. *sigh*

We had to cope with some silly plants that decided to explode with stickers all over all of us... the perils of being an outdoor/natural light photographer... luckily it did not take us long to figure out which plants we needed to avoid. Maybe I should have stayed in Girl Scouts a little longer to help me with my botany skills (which reminds me... isn't it getting kinda/sorta close to Girl Scout cookie time? Time to stock up on those Thin Mints! If you have not tried them with Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream, you are missing out on a little piece of heaven!)

Here's the oldest sister (I don't know if you can tell from these pictures, but little brother looks EXACTLY like her!). Isn't she gorgeous?!?!?!  These kids have the PRETTIEST eyes!

Oh, and before I forget... I want to remind everyone that I do have gift certificates available! They make a GREAT Christmas/baby shower/birthday gift if I do say so myself!  They can be purchased in $25 denominations.  If you didn't get all the prints you wanted from a prior session, this is your chance to start dropping hints to the hubbie!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Love these guys.

I do love a family that is up for anything and doesn't mind getting a teensy bit messy...all for the sake of art of course.

How fun is this?!?

{playing for change}

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