Thursday, February 25, 2010


Can y'all do me a favor?

This little girl is sick. Really sick. She wasn't sick two weeks ago, but now she is fighting for her life. Whatever it is you believe in- prayer, positive energy, karma, whatever- please send it her way. This family needs it.

And hug your babies a little tighter today. Make it a point to stop what you are doing, look them in the eye, hug them as tight as you can, and tell them what they mean to you.

Friday, February 19, 2010


OK, so Mardi Gras was totally awesome. I love everything about that city, EVERYTHING. The parties, the street performers, the beignets, even the trash. Reason I like the trash? Because that city is so used to huge parties, they have the trash clean up down to a science. Every morning at 6 am, the street sweepers come out to restore the city to its historic beauty... and then the parties start again. It's a beautiful cycle.

See me? Bottom with the brown hat and blue scarf. That's me :-)

Pottytraining boys is... interesting. Jude has decided the best way to do this is to stand on top facing backwards and pee all over the lid.

My boy got his first real haircut. After I admitted to my hairdresser I had been cutting his hair with cuticle scissors while he was in the bathtub (what? what's wrong with that?), I decided I was a bit ridiculous and that I would allow someone else to touch his curls. I drilled it into Jesse's head that I would FREAK out if they cut it too short and I sat here nervously waiting to see the result.



OK, so his hair looks kind of jacked in both pictures... but he had just woken up from a nap both times!! I like his little fat belly in the second picture. Makes my heart smile.

I found a junkyard. It was a tetanus shot waiting to happen. It was also love at first site.

This picture was taken right before she locked me out of my car and proceeded to pretend to drive. And yeah, I had left the engine running because Presley was sleeping. Oops.

And last, my sweet little Presley, who hates having her picture taken, but sat for one, just one for me.

And here is one of Emily...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sneak Peek

So I had a rockin session today with my own kiddos and was going to sit here all night editing (despite the fact that my friends are going out for a birthday celebration), since it's been nearly a week since I have blogged... and I do have LOTS to share... but then I decided that would be SUPER LAME, because even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job, that would mean I was WORKING instead of going out with my friends, and we can't have that can we?  We don't often get girl's nights out!

So here is one of those images of my sweet little Jude- who got a little haircut yesterday... and who dosen't look like my BABY anymore :-(.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I was on the phone...

and heard giggling under the table and 

"SHH!! Mommy's coming."

and this is what I found.

And the winner is...

Hold on a sec. I first want to thank everyone that voted! There were over 400 votes cast! I got lots of really sweet emails and compliments on the photographs of all of your beautiful children. It makes my day when parents tell me they started crying (a good cry) after seeing the pictures I have taken, and this time, it was my turn to cry (cause let's face it, I am a total crybaby, I cried during the scene in Home Alone when MacCauley Culkin's character wakes up on Christmas Day and goes searching for his family and they aren't there. oh gosh, I am sniffling thinking about that scene!!) when I got this email:

You are a very gifted photographer and are giving these families such great memories - you have not only found a profession you have found a calling.

In this instance I stand in awe of their selection of you as their photographer - please consider this a vote for your picture #40. It is a beautiful picture, a reflection of a mother's desire to teach her child. It doesn't matter what the book - Bible, text, great novel, its the idea of passing on wisdom, information, or good tidings to the child, the look on the mother's face of devotion and care for the child, and the childs amazing response of interest in what she is being shown. Excellent work and equally excellent subjects.

OK, floodgate has been opened. Must stop crying before kids wake up and see me and wonder what is wrong with Mommy.

This email made me laugh:

Love the one with the mom and daughter blowing dandelions. Seriously, made me want to have a kid. Seriously. You ought to be proud.

And, I do think the
Hokey Pokey IS what it is all about

Without further ado, the winner is...

This family already has a session booked with me later this summer as they welcome a new addition to the family, whoo hoo! Congrats!!

There were some runner ups (is that a word?!?) that came in close and I have decided to offer a consolation prize. Each of these families will receive a $40 print credit on their next 2010 session!!


Thanks again to all who voted! This was so fun!!

Oh, and those that voted for the winning photograph will receive a $25 print credit on their 2010 session. If you are one of those people that voted for #24 and are interested in booking a 2010 session, shoot me an email ( and we'll chat!!

PS- Prices are being adjusted effective March 15, so book now to be grandfathered into current pricing!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Big, BIG Contest!

So I am finally able to take a breather from my inaugural year and thought I would thank all my AMAZING clients with a chance to win BIG.

Below is one of my favorite images from each 2009 session. I tried to pick one picture from each family.  Some of these you may have seen before, some will be new to you.  Whichever picture gets the most votes wins BIG.

And what do I consider BIG?

A new 16x24 (or smaller) gallery wrapped canvas from a past OR future session, PLUS a $100 print credit good towards a 2010 session!

To vote, you must either:

- leave a comment WITH your email address visible (this is more fun IMHO :-)
- email with your vote

All comments and emails will be validated so no funny business please. One vote per human being :-)

One more thing... you'll notice some pictures of my own kiddos (because its my blog and I just can't resist putting my awesome kids all over it) or some kiddos I shot for free (for various reasons). Those images are not eligible to win the canvas or print credit, BUT will have eternal bragging rights.  If one of those pictures ends up coming in first place, the goods will go to the picture with the next highest vote.  Contest ends midnight February 10th- 2 days before I go to Mardi Gras New Orleans (where I may likely return just a little bit brain damaged and unable to tally the votes for a while).  Winner announced Feb 11.

SOOOOOOOOOO, go on with your bad self and tell your friends/coworkers/grammy and mailman to vote!!!  Post the contest on your facebook page, tweet about it and give me some love on your family blog.   Oh yeah, and each person that votes for the winning picture gets a $25 print credit to use on a 2010 session!!!!

Oh and did I mention my new referral program?!?

Here we go!





















{twenty one}

{twenty two}

{twenty three}

{twenty four}

(twenty five}

{twenty six}

{twenty seven}

{twenty eight}

{twenty nine)


{thirty one}

{thirty two}

{thirty three}

{thirty four}

{thirty five}

{thirty six}

{thirty seven}

{thirty eight}

{thirty nine}


{forty one}

{forty two}

{forty three}

{forty four}

{forty five}

{forty six}

{forty seven}

{forty eight}

{forty nine}


Phew!! And that's all folks!

{playing for change}

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