Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Larger than Life

OK, so raise your hand if you have itty bitty children and have gotten them to sit still and smile long enough for a photographer to snap the perfect family portrait?




hello? hello? this thing on? tap. tap.

OK, now clap your hands if you have tried the above only to have your kids throw themselves down on the ground, run away, and pull each other's hair.

{THUNDEROUS applause}

Which is why I really don't do family portraits like that. I don't like em.

What I really like is when a series of images tells a story. A story about a family.

A little girl looking at her dad adoringly, because after all, he is the biggest, toughest, most handsome man in the whole wide world right? And the dad staring down at this beautiful blond human being that he never ever knew how much he would love until she came into the world.


A family's story is made up, not just of one picture, but of moments. Snippets in time.   The serious moments. The silly moments. The "I have messy hair because I'm spinning my daughter around in circles and I don't care" moments.  And parents- here's a newsflash- you don't get family pictures done for yourself. Ahhhh- you may think right now you do... but when it really comes down to it- you get them done for your kids. It's so easy to forget things when you are four years old. But the pictures are there to tell the story.

Which is why I love this new product.  A series of images that reads like a chapter of a family's story.

Now THIS people, is a family portrait.

larger than life canvas example

It's designed to be big- 30"x40" to be exact. It can be a mounted print, canvas on matboard, or gallery wrapped canvas (which would allow the text on the side).  Can you imagine having one of these babies from when your parents were little? What an awesome heirloom!

Friday, June 25, 2010

One Year Old

I went to this session, not to do family shots, but to capture this little girl in her one year splendidness (is that even a word? I lurv making up new words!).  


the light was so pretty... SOOOO pretty at the end of this session, I demanded asked the family to get together quickly for one last departing shot. 

And this is what we got. 

Love this happy and sweet family shot.  LOVE the light. Delicious!

And here is that aforementioned splendidness...


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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I did a commercial shoot for Outback Western Wear and couldn't resist posting this image from the shoot.

I don't have any pets, but if I did, not only would they wear bling like this- I would dress them up in every little doggie outfit I could find - a different one for every day of the week (and would probably get a little karate outfit and gypsy outfit made) - since I typically have to bribe my kids to wear what I want them to.

Alexa- this post is dedicated to you since I know you love the doggie shots :-)!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Good Summer

Ahhh, summer. This summer is especially sweet because I am not stuck in the corporate world and actually get to hang out with my kids and Jesse- who is off for the next 8 weeks.  How sweet life is right now. And by hanging out, I mean spending every waking minute in the pool because its close to 577 degrees here in Houston. Their hair is crunchy with chlorine, and to be honest with you, they likely won't bathe for the next 2 months ...hopefully I am not the only parent that considers swimming equivalent to a bath am I?!? I mean seriously- you don't really need soap do you?

How about these summer beauties?  I took these at the very beginning of the summer... or maybe the end of spring... and am a little behind posting.  

How sweet are they?!!?  Mom had never put her hair in pigtails prior to the session...I like to think I suggested a sweet new hairstyle for her. LOVE me some sweet pigtails... I only wish my girls would let me do them more often... I think I had to pay them last time I tried it.


 Don't you want to reach through the screen and give her a hug? I love this pouty expression only a sweet little girl like this could get away with. It's so honest and absolutely priceless.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Her name should have been Smiley.

Because really- 10 day old babies just don't give you smiles like this. 

Not normally. 

She must be pretty dang special.

But then again, I wouldn't have been able to get her brother to stop smiling if I tried.  What expressions these two had!

And if I remember the story correctly- his great grandfather wore this hat every single day.

I lllloooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee that they wanted it incorporated into their session. LOVE.



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Friday, June 4, 2010

The dog day of summer

Summer is officially here so I am short on words this morning... I have four little ones itching to go to the pool.  Staying inside while I work is not their idea of a good time and "are you DOOOONNNNEEEE with your pictures mommy?!?" has been the phrase of the morning.  Holding them off with Free Willy 1 and 2 was probably a little much for one morning. Guess this means I need to go shave my legs before I clog the pool drains...

How about the sweetness of this family? Love these.  Especially that first one. Yum.



Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unless you have four small children...

... you have NO idea

how hard it is...

to get them all in one picture.

No, its not perfect. Kaylee has Emily's shoes on. Presley's hair is jacked up. Not sure what is going on with Emily's boots. But I love it.

My thanks to my awesome husband Jesse- whose story about mermaids and diarrhea elicited the laughs you see below.


This picture.

Was my Mother's Day present.

Warm fuzzies. Love these kids.

And check out this family. These cousins were all in town for grandparents 40th anniversary.


My grandparents were married 62 years before my grandfather passed away. Their neighbor said she would hear music and see them slow dancing late at night. Two little Italians in their 80s who met when they were teenagers.  May we all experience that kind of love and commitment and celebrate 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th, and maybe even 60th wedding anniversaries <3.

{playing for change}

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