Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The session that almost wasn't...

This session was rescheduled SOOOO many times, I think it set a record. We had to deal with broken arms, my floor refinishing project from hell that kept me out of my house and forced me to move sessions around, hospital visits, and torrential Houston weather before we finally got around to shooting. In fact, Mom told me she wanted to hire me way back when I was first starting out and before I was even in business after she saw some pictures I took of a mutual friend.  As it turns out, we went to the same university (not that that's rare around these parts... GIG EM AGGIES!), AND had the same double major (Management and Marketing thank you very much), so it was destined we eventually meet up.

During our initial emails, she told me that "If there's time, I would love a picture with the kids... just so they know I did show up for more than the hospital. I'm our picture taker, so I have very few with any of them."

How many moms feel that way? Its such a sad fact of reality... Moms- if you shy away from the camera, now is the time to take control and put it in your husband's/sister's/friend's hands and ask  demand you get some pictures with your kids!!

(Now I need to take my own advice and teach that husband of mine how to work the camera!

Anywho- I think all THAT deserves an extra large sneak peek, dontcha think?!?

Playing More Catch UP!!

I'm trying to catch up the blog with all of the awesomeness I have been lucky enough to experience lately.

So let me show you my amazing clients, in order from youngest to oldest :-)

5 days old. She was such a chunky monkey for only being five days old! I can't wait to see her again in a few more months when we do pictures again- I hope she holds on to that chunkiness!
houston newborn photographer blog1

10 days old and ready to party. He did not want to sleep for me... I think he wanted to show me what I can already tell are going to be beautiful eyes :-)

7 months old. I am SO incredibly jealous of her pouty lips! Angelina- watch out!
spring baby photographer blog1

A high school senior. Who brought a huge bag of some of the most rockin' clothes I have seen in a long time.  I'm almost jealous of her wardrobe, but then I remind myself even if I had all these cool clothes, I wear running clothes. Every day. All day. It's hot, I know. It's probably better than the yoga pants/fake furry crocs I was sporting last winter.  Hopefully mom jeans are not in my near future. Don't judge- it could happen to you too!!

It was about 127 degrees outside when we did her shoot, but she's as cool as a cucumber!

And a couple soooooo in love with each other. Oh, and did I mention what hotties they both are? Um hello! Take a look at Mr. and Mrs. Your Hotness.  

Thanks for playing catch up with me!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baked Goods

A beautiful mother/son session with two beautiful human beings.  The session was a surprise gift from Grandma.  Her sister and I collaborated for weeks to make the surprise session extra special.,and putting our two heads together, we came up with this party for two.  
houston family photographer blog4

And you probably remember this wee one teaching us all How to Yawn in this post here.  Now he shows us 

The 3 Essential Steps in Smiling 

by Jackson

houston family photographer blog2
And last we have a good old fashioned dance off... the only music being the rap I started spur of the moment to get these kids moving.  I've participated in a couple of dance offs myself ...although they typically involved a little Prince or Michael Jackson... and occasionally Poison. Yes, you read that right. Poison. A la "Unskinny Bop". Oh yeah.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mini Sessions!

By popular request, I decided to do mini sessions this year!  What's a mini session? A very short (20 minutes) session with me. I have three "concepts" in mind (you'll have to email me for details on THOSE). 

Cost is $275 and this is what it includes: 
- 3 fully retouched digital files with reproduction release (this means you can print as many copies as you want for personal use!)
- (1) 11x14 print (from one of the digital files)- sprayed and mounted for durability
- (25) 5x7 flat Christmas cards on pearl paper
- option to upgrade the 11x14 print to any other product (for example a larger print, or a canvas)
- option to purchase any other products (including additional Christmas cards) at 10% discount

Here are the dates:
October 30 (Saturday)
November 6 - this is the back up date in case October 30 is rained out.

This is a huge savings off of my regular prices and I have very limited spots, so let me know if you are interested and I will put you on the list right away (we will nail down exact time and your "concept" as soon as I get a final count.)

And here is a FUN family session I did last month! This family is from Australia and I probably sounded like an idiot telling them over and over how much I loved their accents and how I was going to start calling sunglasses "sunnies," and coolers "eskies" because I thought it sounded so cool!

This little girl was a TOMBOY... Mom reported she loved making mudpies. I love tomboys... probably because I was a bit of a tomboy myself... I reportedly wore a pair of little boys Levi's 501 button fly jeans for my entire 5th grade career and absolutely refused to wear a skirt no matter how much my mom begged and pleaded with me:-).

houston family photographer blog 2
houston family photographer blog5

houston family photographer blog 1
houston family photographer blog4
houston family photographer blog3

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