Friday, May 1, 2009

Some Practice Shots/{Houston Children's Photographer}

{SQEAL!} Rented a new lens to see if I liked it before I had to mortgage my house to actually buy it... I'm in love!  It's a little tricky to use and is going to take a lot of practice to get used to it... since I already made up my mind to sell half my clothes and my husband's golf club to be able to afford it.

Here are some of the first few pix I took with it (which are already some of my favorite pix of Kaylee!)

ALSO. If you like the music on my site (the rendition of Stand by Me), then I encourage you to go to the Playing for Change website . This organization released their first album this week. In their own words,

"The album demonstrates that regardless of our religion, race, gender, or political views we can unite through music. The time is now to unite as a human race and this global collaboration driven by your love and encouragement is designed to lead us in that direction."

If you want some serious goosebumps, head on over to their site and sample some of their music. I can almost guarantee it will be the best 5 minutes of your day today.

And here is something you don't often see photographers do on their blogs (since they only typically show their best pix).  This is what I normally get when I try to take pictures of my own children.  Poor things are probably pretty tired of having a camera stuck in front of their nose every day. 

Enjoy the lovely outtake of my Kaylee ;)!


Millicent ;) said...

What kind of lens is it?

Michelle said...

Yes, talk equipment. My husband is a youth sports photographer and some children portraits. All natural lighting and expressions, too. Don't you love the unexpected way kids give you more than you can hope from a session?!

Thanks for sharing your talents of photography and gab. I like when a photographer "puts it all out there."

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