Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Quick Update

Boy am I swamped these days and working fast and furiously on client pictures!! This is just a quickie update... I realized I don't have many pictures of my Emily or my Presley on this blog, so I am adding some of Emily. Poor Presley has "photographer's kid" syndrome and runs, runs, runs and screams when I pull the camera out. I must have scarred her for life... seconds after giving birth, I was snapping away, the nurse left the room and told the grandmas that "Tracy's legs are still in the stirrups and she is snapping away!   I have never seen a woman grab her camera so quickly after giving birth!" Better than when I gave birth to Jude and the doctor and nurse had to tell me to put the camera away as he was coming within seconds and that I was not going to be able to take pictures of my own birth. True story!  In my defense, I wasn't trying to take my own pictures... I was trying to adjust the settings on my camera so my dear friend Krista could take the pictures!

Ok, I went off on a WAY TMI (that's "too much information" for those of you not used to texting) tangent. Oh well.


Eric & Reenie said...

She looks like a model and much older than 6! These look like magazine layouts...you are so talented!

Millicent ;) said...

You guys are TOAST! The line of boys knocking at your door will stop traffic!

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