Friday, July 17, 2009

some BIG announcements and... ways to earn a FREE session!

Hey there blog readers. I've got some big announcements concerning my business that I am very excited about! This is a looonnnnggggg post, so read all the way through!

Announcement #1
I'm expanding into the high school seniors market! I tried my hand at it during a recent workshop and fell in love! Senior girls actually WANT to get their pictures taken, and I don't have to chase them around and tell them potty jokes to get their's like a whole new world for me! Not that I don't LOVE my active toddlers, but you know what I mean.

Some sample images:

Soooo, since this is a new market, I have some amazing modeling opportunities for senior girls. So senior girls, email or call me! We'll chat about some seriously discounted sessions that will be FUN, FUN, FUN!!

I promise, with hand over heart, that there will be NO big wooden numbers with your class year allowed at my photo shoots. Scout's honor. Maybe if you are lucky, I WILL show you my own senior pictures with just that.

Nope. I lied. Those will stay hidden in a box for eternity.

More sample images:

Announcement #2
Location, Location, Location- that's a mantra in real estate and should be in photography too. I wish I had oodles of free time to go location scouting and test shooting, but sadly, I don't. I'm one busy gal. So I am trying something new and am calling upon you to help me out! Anyone that suggests a new location, per the parameters I define below, that I end up falling in love with will get their session fee waived- to be redeemed between now and 6/1/2010. Yep, that's right- who said nothing in life is FREE?!?!?

See how excited this little guy is about my offer? Yipee!

Here's the deal:
  • It has to be somewhere NEW that I have never shot at or scouted before, and I have to love it. You'll just have to trust me and take my word for it.
  • It has to be safe and we've got to have permission to shoot there (if required).
  • These things are good: old structures, peeling paint, rustic elements, open fields, orchards, old cars, junkitty junk. All of the pictures on this post (including the above senior pictures) are what I have in mind. Don't worry if YOU don't think it will be a good location, if it has these things, I will probably love it and be able to make it work.
  • These things are not what I am looking for: new construction, pretty flowers, rock waterfalls, well groomed parks, a dozen mangy pit bulls protecting the property...
  • Anyone that has already booked a session in 2009 with me that finds an awesome new location will get another, separate session to be redeemed anytime in 2010.

So this is an example of how it will work:
You: Ring, Ring. "Hey Tracy, my third cousin Lyle that is married to my best friend's cousin's half sister has this farm with lots of old barns and junk laying around. I think he grows green tomatoes there. It's pretty junky, but you said you liked that kind of stuff, its about 20 miles away!"
Me (with finger twirling through hair): "Omigosh! That sounds like, totally awesome and completely rad! I'll go check it out. Is he OK with me going out there?"
You: "Yes, definitely. Here is his number."
Me: (10 days later) "Wow, thanks for the suggestion, I checked out the farm. It's definitely what I had in mind! Let's schedule a time to go shoot out there!"

See people? It's THAT easy!

With neighbors like Magnolia, Conroe, and Tomball, there's got to be lots of rustic goodness around! Help be my eyes- you've probably driven past places like this a gazillion times and not thought twice about them.

And now some more yumminess:

Announcement #3
My strength is in child photography. I'm going to focus on this for a while (and HS seniors), as it is what I do best, and what I love the best. Does this mean I won't take family pictures anymore? Not neccessarily. I will definitely take a few family shots during sessions, but I'm not going to pose you. So just know that when you book me, you are primarily booking a children's photographer that will primarily be shooting your children - AND I would love to get a couple of candids of your family during the children's shoot, but that I'm not posing you. So you'll have to help me out here if you want some candid shots and interact and play with your kids at some point during the shoot. Tickle them, play airplane, give them zerberts, throw them in the air... you get my drift? You're going to have to WORK it ;)!

Announcement #4
My prices went up effective July 10, 2009. Why? Because, by golly, I'm worth it and people like me! Contact me for the latest and greatest.

Am I making any sense at all people? Do ya hear me? Can I get a fist pump?!?

That's what I'M TALKING about.

(I've had way too much caffeine this morning. WAAAYYYY tooooo mmmuuuuccccchhhhh)

Goodbye for now.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Beautiful Pictures!!!! Jen C.

Brian said...

Awesome news! You're about to be busier than you ever imagined, and I know you already think you are. I feel I must tell you again, how fantastic your photos are and how excited I am for you. Hopefully one day soon, I will get down there and book a session for Lindsey with you.

Anonymous said...

Tracy, you are crazy and awesome!!!! I know some people!!!!~Lacee

Millicent ;) said...

You should check out Michelle's (Outback Western Wear) store & property out in Magnolia. She's got old buildings, an old barn that is used as an auction arena now and then, a horse arena with old wooden posts & old wooden bleachers, and a little brick side-walk that runs under a canopy of trees. Call me if you think you might be interested in checking it out.

Bowlings said...

You ARE worth it and people LOVE you!!!

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