Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I love this family!! No Really, I DO!

So I normally don’t post this many pictures in a sneak peek, but since this is one of my BFFs (or one of my GIRLS if you will) of all time, the post is going to be a bit longer. And I also don’t usually get quite this personal with my posts, but again, it’s the whole BFF thing talking.

And also. I started this blog with really short posts, because I was trying to maintain a "professional" image. But it wasn't working out too well, cause I'm just not that serious of a person. It got really boring, really fast. And I just don't want this blog to be boring. I don’t want to write “these clients kids were so cute. Blah, blah, blah.”  I want it to be FUN and REAL like I strive so HARD to make my photography.

Laura, love you like a sister. I just love and ADORE those beautiful children of yours. And since it would be weird to say I love you John Michael (LOL!) I’ll just have to say you are all not LIKE family, but you all ARE family to me. In so many ways.
So in the interest of making this real, let’s take a very short trip down memory lane.

Remember driving around in my convertible as 16 year olds listening over.and.over.and.over to Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine, Madonna's The Immaculate Collection and Dr. Dre’s The Chronic? UM yeah, that’s only THE best music combination of all time!  Having a bad day? Program those albums in random order into your iPod, add Ditty by Paperboy, and you'll perk up instantly!

Remember our very first road trip to New Orleans in college ? And how I had to tell you to ignore Alicia so she would quit making jokes so we would quit laughing so hard since we all needed to get to sleep? And how it didn’t work because she just kept on cracking us up?

Remember your wedding? And particularly our bridesmaids photos with your little brother kicking and writhing on the floor in the not so distant background. Now THOSE are some real life photos.

Remember my wedding? And how I bumped my head on the table at my rehearsal dinner so that I had a huge knot on my forehead on my wedding day? That was awesome. I looked HOT! But you DID do a nice job on my hair ;-)... it kind of made up for the monstrocity on my FACE.

Remember when I called in sick to work so I could rush to the hospital to see you as you came out of your Csection surgery? I do believe I got some of his very first photos ;-)!!

And now. We already see a love connection between your guy and my Kaylee. How many times have we busted them sneaking off to smooch?  And the thought of being future in laws makes us oh so happy.

And Jesse makes fun of the two of us together. Trying to plan things. Both so laid back that the details, (like the actual meeting time and place) do not matter to us cause we just know that the important thing is that we WILL meet up.

This drives him bonkers. But I don’t care.

No, we don’t get to talk every day. But we don’t need to.

LOVE you!!!!

And because I know you appreciate a good outtake even more than myself, here's a GREAT one for ya. It's fairly reminiscent of the one of ME you have FRAMED on your wall.


Heather said...

I LOVE THIS! These pictures are too cute and the one of JM throwing Macie in the air is one of my all time favorites that you have taken! (and I love the post btw... I was cracking up reading it.). xo.

Kim said...

Love the photos; Love the trip down memory lane; love everything! :)

My favorite is the baby in front of the white house. Darling!

Michelle said...

I just love getting to see your newest photos and reading the posts. Yes, keep them personal!

Hard to pick favs but going with Daddy throwing Baby Girl in the air (one of my favorite things to watch my hubby do with the kids) and the family photo with the sun burst.

Millicent ;) said...

Seriously, you need to sign Emily up for modeling (she does NOT need lessons as she is a natural). I predict she will be in much demand and make MAJOR bucks modeling children's clothes, etc....

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