Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pictures...Totally out of Order

Here I go ... posting pictures totally out of order. But its a pretty good reflection of how my brain is working these days. Can you say "discombobulated?" (Yes, I need get the dictionary out to make sure I am using that term right...not so sure I am... but don't you just love that word so so so very much?) Jesse told me once that he thinks I got stupider after I had kids. And he didn't mean it in a derogatory manner, because I couldn't agree more.

The things that come out of my mouth are really unbelievable. They make no sense. Jesse just stares at me and wonders what happened to the chick he met back in 98 at that karaoke bar.  The chick that used to be relatively sharp (OK, is that an oxymoron? Meeting a "smart" girl at a karaoke bar whose biggest draw was the $2 pitchers?)

These days,  I put things in the most random places. On any given day, you will see me walking around barefoot outside calling my cell phone because I don't know where it is (In my defense, Kaylee found Ms. Pac Man on my phone and is quite obsesssed). That is- on days I even remember to charge it.

And if you could see me now. Blogging at 4 am in my jammies... with crooked eyeglasses on (lost my latest/newest pair, and "hid" my box of contacts from the kids after they broke into the child proof locks in the bathroom cabinet, thus hiding them from myself)... wearing a huge winter coat with a faux fur collar because I don't know where any of the robes I own are (how do you misplace a big fluffy robe?). But I DID remember to wear my pedometer... cause I expect to get a lot of steps in sitting here blogging (more on why I am wearing a pedometer with jammies later....get your mind of out of the gutter people!)

I'm kind of like little Kaylee. Last night, she was running around the house naked (in October...oops, probably not a good idea). We asked her no less than 5 times to go upstairs and put a pull-up and jammies on. She finally acquiesced, and about 2 minutes later, came downstairs with one pair of panties on. With one leg through the waist and backwards. Perfectly acceptable and comfortable to her, she went on her merry way and continued to play.

She's five. And still can't concentrate enough on the task at hand to get herself dressed.  And the strangest thing? The only problem her teachers ever report is that "her volume is rather loud." I just love the way her sweet PreK teacher told us this during our parent/teacher meeting. Like she didn't want to offend us. Like we didn't already know HOW LOUD SHE WAS.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Emily learned to ride a bike this week without training wheels!! It was quite exciting. Kaylee is next. She can't stop smiling enough to concentrate on balance.  Her day will come soon enough.

I asked Emily the other day if she wanted another baby brother or sister. She just looked at me in disgust (yes, a 6 year old can pull off a look of disgust quite well) and said "No. You already got way too many kids." She is the THIRD KID that has told me that!! Wierd!

Ok, that's a lot of info about me. Maybe the paint fumes are getting to me. We had our entire house painted yesterday. I still can't decide if its a wonderful, earthy, warm, inviting, cozy, organic green. Or the color of a dirty diaper.

Enough about me.  Here are some out of those out of order pictures. This one was just too pretty to wait to share.

Here I am in action!  This was taken by Courteney Miller at our recent family shoot (more on THAT later).

And here is little Presley. She hearts these boots. I heart them too because I can remember Emily wearing them every single day. Then Kaylee following suit. Now Presley dons them daily. Sigh.

And my sweet niece Olivia- 4 months and 4 days.

Thanks for listening to the ramblings of a discombobulated (hey, I have to use that word every chance I get because I LOVE IT SO, SO, SO VERY MUCH) mommy/photographer.


Wendy Tienken said...

Ah, the life of a mommy! Too funny, Tracy! Great shots! And yeah, those boots are awesome!

Clary said...

Your b&w are processed just perfect!! btw-how cute are you while shooting?!

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