Friday, October 16, 2009

There's nothing quite like a newborn is there?

I heart newborns.  Meet Ms. Emily on her 6 day birthday.

And here is little brother. As I was leaving his house, he kept asking in little 3 yo voice (with a teensy tiny hint of a Southern twang) "Ms. Tracy, why do you have to go?"  Sweet, sweet boy.  Dosen't he kind of look like Jude with the blond curls and big blue eyes?

Speaking of Jude. I had concluded earlier in this week that he either 1) needed Prozac, 2) had been possessed by Satan, or 3) had something seriously medically wrong with him. The all week. FINALLY though - he told me his ear hurt, and turns out he had (as the pediatrician so bluntly put it), a "rip roaring ear infection." Strange as it sounds, I have never been so happy to hear those words. I almost broke down in her office and kissed her feet.  It meant that he wasn't a raving lunatic with a serious mood disorder... he was just in excruciating pain. Which of course is very sad, but TOTALLY FIXABLE. Had she told me nothing was wrong with him medically, you would have found me cowering in my dark closet, rocking back and forth, singing to myself,  and chewing on my toes in an effort to hide from the brute fiend that had overtaken my house.

It's amazing what one little dose of Amoxicillian can do for a kid!!  A little shot of antibiotic, a chewable motrin and my sweet (albeit somewhat mouthy and demanding) little boy was back.


Anonymous said...

That happens to me every single time Hanna is sick.....She turns into a raving lunatic and I'm ready to drop her off at the fire station!!!!
Then as we are pulling up I have an ahh ha....lets go to the Dr. just to check and see if they will give her a little Zanex....well I'll be, she has an ear infection or two or strep throat.....Why don't I remember this when I'm in that moment? ~Lacee

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