Monday, November 30, 2009

My message to parents of school age kids...

This session was AWESOME!

This little guy looked at me and said "this is FUN! Yipeee!" as he skipped along the porch we were shooting on. Gotta love that!

And parents. Parents of school age kids. Just because your kids aren't little anymore does not mean you should stop getting professional pictures taken of them! Seriously. Since when does the school photograph act as a replacement for shots like this?

Or this?

Hellloooo beautiful!

AYKM?!?!?! I don't think I was this cool at 13. Or now. This girl has got IT. That certain something that makes you just know she is going to be one GI-NORMOUS success in life.


You know what else I love?

That mom didn't reschedule just because of the cast. If you knew this kid, you would just KNOW a cast is part of his personality. To say he is ALL boy is the understatement of the YEAR!

I've got oodles to post... more soon!!


Millicent ;) said...

Tracy- Thx so much for an awesome session! Jack-Jack was not the only one who had fun ;) I love the pics SOooo much, it's hard to decide. We're going to have to get together so you can give me some suggestions for wall groupings....

Millicent ;) said...

BTW- Katja is 12...turns 13 in May. (I felt compelled to clarify that as she's growing up too fast already.) my baby girl.

Michelle said...

Beautiful, all 3 of them! This does look like a fun session!

Nikki Menda said...

Christy's gonna melt when she sees that little boy!

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