Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Series Of Random Outtakes

So as fans (yeah, I like to call my friends "fans" Don't you?) of my family blog have been pointing out recently, its been horribly neglected the past couple months. I keep intending to update it, but blah blah blah (this is where i was going to insert all my ramblings about how busy i am, but its really just one blah blah blah).

Allow me to use this blog to pontificate (there I go pulling another S.A.T. word out of the air) about the Robinson Clan and Other Items Of National Importance.

Item One- would like to encourage ALL to start/participate in veggie co-op. Concept is this: Every two weeks, one person/couple goes to the farmers market (in my case, one in Houston) with $10 from the other people in the group (in my case, this equates to $120 total) and purchases a variety of fresh, locally grown fruits and veggies. They bring it back to their house, divide it up equally, then the other couples pick up their portion from that house. Each person/couple only has to go to market once per year.

You get a TON of fresh, locally grown veggies for $10, which likely would have cost $30-$40 in a grocery store. You also get to experiment with new veggies you may have never thought to purchase yourself. We are 100% FORCED to eat more fruits and veggies... which is not a bad thing.

Yes- that first load I got resulted in a call to a friend to ask what those little yellow thingies were (squash). And my kids had never ever seen a real carrot and thought the "giant carrot" was way cool and ran out the door squealing to our neighbor's house to show them. However, this variety is a good thing. As Kaylee's PreK teacher says, "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit."

Need to know how to start one? Email me. I'll direct you to my friend that had to take over the organization of our veggie co-op bc I was slacking.

Item Two- met a new client who was drawn to me bc she also loves loves loves the word "discombobulated." That's neat.

Speaking of my discombobulated life, here are some totally random pictures.

Jude tearing into an orange like its nobody's business. Not quite sure why he felt the need to pull on his face like that, but there appears to be no permanent damage.

And that same child wearing a peanut butter beard.

Item Three- after paying off all of our student loans this summer (which painfully started at over $70K, my portion of this was $20K... and allow me to digress and explain just why I racked up so much in 1.5 years of graduate school. Story is simple. I met Jesse right before grad school. I was in looooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee and chose to spend every waking second driving to his college (an hour away) instead of working (and lets be honest- or studying) like a good girl. Oh yeah, and I bought a car with my student loan money. Hey- no one ever accused me of being the brightest bulb in the bunch), Jesse has been making noise about going back to school. Two very different choices- to either teach or work on a PhD. The teaching part would be in an effort to eventually move into a Principal role, as even with 10 years experience in educational administration, he can't be a Principal unless he teaches a couple of years. Dern. The PhD would be in clinical psychology... everyone needs a shrink in the family right?

Here's your future Principal doing his part to bring down our neighbor's property value by making a mess outside and letting the kids run around in diapers.

Item Four- Presley. She Takes. An Hour. Every Morning. To Decide. What to Wear. And Throws. Many Tantrums. In the Process. She's Three. What Am I Going .To Do? Advice. Please. Why Am I Typing. Like This? This Is. Funny.

Item Five- an outtake from our recent family shoot. Aside from Emily's eyes being closed (dern... loved this picture otherwise...may need to swap her head out), I love the fact that Kaylee is giving the photographer, my dear friend Courteney Miller, some of her own medicine and doing her own funny, shake your booty dance to get Courteney to laugh. Love that girl.

Me and my four punks.

That's all for now. Back to editing client pictures.


traci said...

that photo of you and the kids is adorable!!

Julie Krippel Warmbrodt said...

Your kids are adorable! I am very impressed that you have four little ones and a photography business - kudos to you! Love the blog.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

haha! did you ever swap the heads? i haven't tried that yet.

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