Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cans for Comments!!

I did this last year on my family blog and it was fun, so I am doing it again this year!

Cans for Comments! I heart comments. They make me happy. For every comment left on this post between now and December 25, 2009, I will donate one can of food or one food item to the Montgomery County Food Bank.

Don't know what to write about? How about answering the following question "What do you want Santa to bring you this year?"

And since a post without a picture is not really a post at all, check out my niece in all her glory.

She's cute huh?

PS- I am still looking for nominations for the Giving Is Awesome contest! Come on... I know you know someone!!

PPS- leave your name, no anonymous comments and one can per person! Thanks!


Hallie Marie said...

cute baby! well from santa i want a wii game, an angel prayer box, and a spa package. and for a new years resolution i want to be a better mom, we get so busy and i get sidetracked so i want to concentrate on my little ones before they are big, thats what i really want.

Teresa in Tunisia said...

Love the baby picture. So cute. I want Santa to bring me a letter that tells me where B and I are going next year. That's pretty much it ;).

melissa rouswell said...

love those rolls! makes me want to just kiss her! okay so what do I want from Santa.....hmmmm a weekend without kids??? Guess I have been a good girl after all!!! :)

Maricarmen said...

Those roles are sooo cute you just want to squeeze her!!! From Santa I want time...time to spend with my baby boy, time to spend with my most amazing husband, time to excercise, time to sleep, time to read, time just to sit and do absolutely nothing....mmmmmm yeah this is way beyond whether I was good or not, so in the meantime I will just keep talking about how Im going to find the time to go to the gym etc...and be thankful and enjoy the holidays with my baby and hubby in the new house (without furniture)!!! :)

McHam Family said...

OMG love the chub!!!!!!!!!! Hmm... from Santa... I am hoping for a Photoshop class!!!

Anonymous said...

My sister in Tunis told me about your site last summer. I think she is friends with one of your friends. I am not sure. I really enjoy your work. I am a photographer in Philadelphia! Thought this would be a good time to say hello.

Have a great holiday.


Traci said...

great idea Tracy!!!

Courteney Miller said...

Let's see what do I want Santa to bring me...I pretty much have anything a girl could ever ask for...a wonderful husband that loves me, a beautiful, healthy and happy baby girl, an amazing family and enough totally awesome friends to populate a small city (LOL) so I don't want anything else really...maybe money to have our nasty carpets ripped up and replace with tile but hey that's a want not a need.
As for the pictures of your neice...she looks just like Jesse's sister! Beautiful baby girl!
You still have my "Giving is Awesome" entry right? Just wanted to make sure it was still in the running! :-)

Wendi Chitwood said...

What a pretty baby!
Hmmm.... I have a wish list a mile long, with all things beginning with the word Canon... but I also want a FLIP video recorder... I don't take much video of Scout and I could just kick myself for it!


i want a foot of snow from santa this year! :) and maybe a backrub . . .

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