Thursday, January 21, 2010


I am going to start a new series on this blog of random and discombobulated thoughts and happenings around the Robinson household that are totally unrelated to my photography business. Or maybe the posts will be related to the business. See? I'm random and discombobulated that way.

- I went to read the book "Wierd Parents" to Emily's class last month. Before I began, I asked the group of first graders if any of them had wierd parents? Emily blurted out with "I do! I do! My dad holds my head down and toots on it!" As I turned red and tried to hush her up, I saw the teacher duck her head to hide her smile and pretend she didn't hear that particular outburst. Keep in mind the dad Emily speaks of is an administrator for the district. (We'll see how long this thought stays up before Jesse makes me take it down :))

- I've somehow convinced myself that it is OK to wear ugly fake furry Crocs in public. With yoga pants. I am thinking that if I wear gym clothes and look really gross in public, people will think I have been working out for hours and will be impressed by my committment to fitness. If you see someone pushing a shopping cart with four loud kids, wet hair pulled into a bun, no makeup, and brown furry Crocs with gray yoga pants, it's probably yours truly.

- Random announcement by Kaylee "Mommy, I AM pottytrained. I just sometimes don't wipe my butt."

- School lunches are appalling. Why in the world would they offer children cookies and ice cream every day if they want them to actually behave? I think I am going to start a facebook group - Conroe ISD parents for healthier school lunches. Who is in it with me?

- I think we are going to cut Emily's hair off to her chin (her request) and donate it to Locks of Love. That makes my heart smile.

Speaking a smiling heart- check out my boy. {love him}


Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Great post! Have to share a similar embarrassing story with you and Jesse. A friend of ours posted this about her 5 y/o son. "Today at the Thanksgiving Feast, L's teacher told us that during share time, L shared with the class that his daddy sleeps naked. G works for the school district so I'm sure all the teachers are going to have a different perception of G. Hahaha. I would understand if this was true and he was really sharing, but I just don't know what goes through a kindergartner's head sometimes."

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