Thursday, January 7, 2010

Presley, my sweet sweet little Presley. Today you are four years old. I can't believe that four years ago, this amazing woman delivered you in the wee hours of the morning. That experience is as fresh as if it were yesterday.  I remember holding you as a tiny infant, almost feeling panicked because you were so perfect and I was so scared it could not possibly get any better. But it HAS gotten better. Every day.

This is you at four years old.

A bit of an insomniac.  You inherited that gene from my side of the family, because it definetly does not exist on the Robinson side.  Sorry about that. Your midnight visits have become common, no matter how hard we fight them. But allow me to let you in on a little secret. I don't battle them as much as I could. Just this week, I heard you quietly creeping into our room with your crazy messy hair clutching your froggie blanket and pink puppies and when I called your name, you answered with a whisper "I love you." So I continue to let you in our bed. And continue to get sub standard sleep because of it. You are not a still sleeper and getting kicked in my back is common. Your visits are not good for my spine. But they are good for my soul. And I'll take that.

A Lover- probably the most affectionate of your siblings. Yesterday you told me you were married to Jude and that Kaylee was your girlfriend. You come into my office at least once per day just to tell me you love me and it is often punctuated by the words 'SO bad!" as in "Mommy, I love you SO BAD."

Picky, picky, picky. Presley, you drive me crazy sometimes.  I have given up trying to dress you. I will let you wear whatever you want as long as its weather appropriate. But the morning battles continue as you try to figure out what to wear.  This wasn't supposed to happen until you were a teenager. Can you please just let Mommy dress you every once in a while (maybe once a month?) without a full out battle? The other days- your polka dot/stripes/flowered/layered mismatch of clothing is fine.  And another thing. That Beatles Tshirt I got you IS pretty cool- I admit it. But not 5 out of 7 days per week and not after you have dug it out of the dirty clothes.  Can we limit it to 1-2 times per week and only after it has been washed?

Perhaps a little OCD (take after your dad in this department, not me!).  You want your water with ice and God forbid I get it from the tap or an all out meltdown ensues. Only filtered water from the refrigerator is appropriate for you.

Shy.  Much, much, much more shy than the rest.  You don't take well to new people or new situations.  It was tough sending you to Preschool those first few weeks when you hid and wrapped yourself around our legs and screamed.  Much different than Emily and Kaylee who were all "See ya!" as scampered off into their classrooms.  Thankfully you seem to like it now.

Although you are not my oldest, you were MY first born and the one that originally made me a mother.  And you cannot possibly understand what that means until it happens to you one day.

Happy Fourth Birthday Presley.


Anonymous said...

Tracy, seriously, if you could see me right now. I am crying like a baby! I love this post. Probably one of my favorite of yours.... now let me go blow my nose. This is Jennifer Callaway by the way.... I do not understand how to post these comments without doing it "anonymous"

Lane Marie said...

aw i love that so sweet!

Krista said...

I am crying right now when I should be getting dressed for yoga. So sweet!

Courteney Miller said...

awh Tracy...this is a wonderful post! Happy Birthday sweet little Presley! Your heartfelt words of who Presley is today at 4 years old are so touching. Give her a hug from me!

Ann said...

Tracy, your love letters to your children on their birthdays always bring me to tears. They are so blessed to have a beautiful, talented, momma with a heart of gold.

Happy Birthday, Presley!

Carrie farnsworth said...

Thanks for making me cry at work. Think i will go have kevin knock me up again now.....syke!!!! Great post!

Bowlings said...

omg, just now had a chance to sit down and read glad I'm not the only one boo hoo crying! I can't believe 4 years has gone by. oh and your sweet sweet doctor that you would go on and on about who helped bring your beautiful girl into this world. I am so sad for her children not to get a chance to know how wonderful their mom was. nose is running off my face...such beautiful words to your first born, thank you for sharing-give her hugs from us! xoxox

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwww so sweet!!!! I just finished telling Tristan about how he's my first born and that means he'll always be special. And he takes filtered water with ice too!!!! Hmmm, a budding romance perhaps??? Jenny

traci said...

happy birthday to your beautiful little girl. such a sweet post tracy!!

Michelle said...

I finally got to see Presley's birthday post and it's precious! You are blessed to have each other. I saw so many similarities in the story to our kids. It's fun to hear all of these crazy and sweet situations happening in other families every day. (Report that on the news more often!)

God is good. God is love. God made our children and that means they are good and love. Love can be a noun when you watch your kids hug each other, role play a happy family with their dolls, sleep peacefully, and say "I love you Mommy and Daddy."

BTW... The twins are still debating the whole born first makes Joshua older than Sadee thing bc she refuses to say he is her big brother, only that he is Morgan's big brother. LOL! Only God knows for sure who is older. ;)

Chris, Erica & Caroline said...

Beautiful! These are precious words Tracey...thanks for your post.

Stephanie Walton said...

I'm so sorry about your doctor passing away! How scary! It's sad for her family... :( However, she did bring your sweet baby girl into this world and celebrating her birthday in such a special way and with memories she can treasure for years to come in so wonderful! Lots of luv!

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