Saturday, January 9, 2010

The mom of these girls...

is officially crowned my coolest client. Officially.


We were in the middle of shooting her precious little girls, when a fairly large HUGE, semi-scary RABID dog BEAST started barking, SNARLING and FROTHING AT THE MOUTH, and timidly, FEARLESSLY, started advancing CHARGING towards us (who me prone to exagerration? Never).

We decided to pack up and get the heck out of dodge, when the huge, rabid, snarly, frothy-mouthed beast grabbed my little vintage children's umbrella and ran off with it! I had already kissed it goodbye in my head and started planning where to search for a new one... but the mom of these two went after the beast as I watched dumbfounded. Three minutes later, she rounded the corner with a triumphant expression and my umbrella in hand! How cool is THAT?

And the infamous umbrella, held by their cousin...


Michelle said...

Wow! She totally gets the best client award and hero mom award, because I know she inspires her kids to be brave and to take on challenges.

The girls are super cute! Love that their hair bows match the unbrellas. (No wonder she made sure those didn't disappear. LOL!) The polka-dots are sweet. Please bring that to our session... which I can't wait to schedule!

McHam Family said...

WOW! Cool! By the way, if you're ever up in The Rock, I've got a client for you. The pics are up and we LOVE THEM! They are getting rave reviews!!!

Anonymous said...

She is pretty darn cool...and an amazing sister! You are SO talented! Thank you so much again for spending time with our girls :) HUGS! Katie

Anonymous said...

She is very cool, talented, thoughtful and the best daughter-in-law in the world! Her sister Katie is a very special and amazing woman too. Thanks for doing such great and innovative pics of these 3 beautiful little girls. Who knew children's photography could be fraught with such dangers? Maggie:)

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