Friday, February 19, 2010


OK, so Mardi Gras was totally awesome. I love everything about that city, EVERYTHING. The parties, the street performers, the beignets, even the trash. Reason I like the trash? Because that city is so used to huge parties, they have the trash clean up down to a science. Every morning at 6 am, the street sweepers come out to restore the city to its historic beauty... and then the parties start again. It's a beautiful cycle.

See me? Bottom with the brown hat and blue scarf. That's me :-)

Pottytraining boys is... interesting. Jude has decided the best way to do this is to stand on top facing backwards and pee all over the lid.

My boy got his first real haircut. After I admitted to my hairdresser I had been cutting his hair with cuticle scissors while he was in the bathtub (what? what's wrong with that?), I decided I was a bit ridiculous and that I would allow someone else to touch his curls. I drilled it into Jesse's head that I would FREAK out if they cut it too short and I sat here nervously waiting to see the result.



OK, so his hair looks kind of jacked in both pictures... but he had just woken up from a nap both times!! I like his little fat belly in the second picture. Makes my heart smile.

I found a junkyard. It was a tetanus shot waiting to happen. It was also love at first site.

This picture was taken right before she locked me out of my car and proceeded to pretend to drive. And yeah, I had left the engine running because Presley was sleeping. Oops.

And last, my sweet little Presley, who hates having her picture taken, but sat for one, just one for me.

And here is one of Emily...


courtneycourtney said...

They are so beautiful!

McHam Family said...

Boy y'all have beautiful kids!!! Love the junkyard pics. Now there's something I never thought I'd say ;) Glad y'all had fun in Nola!

Bowlings said...

gosh he's cute- love the pot belly! NOLA was awesome! cant wait to go again... oh and love the school bus in the background. you find the neatest stuff! miss you tons, mer

Becca said...

oh beautiful pictures! :-) Every single one!

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