Friday, April 30, 2010

Baby Plan!

Babies never grow as much as they do in their first year of life. The type of growth a baby experiences in that first year is equivalent to me gaining 300 pounds, learning to understand Portugese, sprouting wings and taking flight (now there is a sight... a 420 lb Portugese speaking photographer flying through the air...)

One of my biggest regrets in life (and I try not to regret ANYTHING... it is such a pointless emotion, don't you agree?) is not having an organized photo album of each of my kids that showed that first incredible year. Sure, I took thousands of pictures. And they now happily reside on a pretty silver external hard drive.  

I finally got my act together and started creating awesome birthday signature albums for each of my kids.  And one day - in between soccer games, birthday parties, and staying up all night with whoever has contracted the virus of the week- I will get around to printing and organizing baby books.

So what's my point? I am going to, very soon, introduce a very cool baby plan for that first amazing year.  The details are being tweaked (i.e:  I need to create pretty brochure that sums it all up), but give me a holler (  if you just can't wait and want to hear more :-).

And some recent newborn pix.

This little beauty was perfect, just perfect.

I love her little round face!


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Amy Columbus said...

Absolutely stunning!

The Heflins said...

love the plan, love the pics, love it all! will the plan be in effect by the time my little one sprouts?

Anonymous said...

love, love, love these! cant wait to see the rest! Let me know when I can place an order! thx, jen

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