Monday, April 26, 2010

My Kiddos

OK, these pictures are from months ago when it was freezing cold outside and I had to find something to do inside (those of us that live in Houston consider 38 freezing cold and try not to venture out for fear of immediate frostbite :-)).
Someone once told me to remember that EVERYTHING is washable.  Which is why I not only allow this type of activity, I usually encourage it- much to Jesse's dismay.  Call me crazy, but anything the kids are doing that shows creativity- even making an ungodly mess that I knew would take 2 hours to clean- is usually encouraged.  Sometimes I regret that decision the time they said they were going to build a fort out of styrofoam peanuts...inside... and they were demonstrating such teamwork and creativity, I chose to ignore that my house looked like it had been snowed on ... that little project took me two days to clean... who knew styrofoam peanuts stuck to EVERYTHING?!?

The BEST class I ever took in my entire life, including college and graduate school, was one called Creative Thinking.  Why I had to suffer through required classes like Business Calculus, but Creative Thinking wasn't even offered to undergrads, is a travesty!  Creative Thinking is something that everyone can use in all aspects of their life. I spent almost ten years in the corporate world and... shocker... business calculus was never needed. Creative thinking WAS.

OK, off the soapbox. Some more pix of my kiddos... I just ordered these in big floating canvases, I'm so excited!

Presley and Jude

and Emily prior to getting eleven inches of hair chopped off !

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Anya Coleman said...

Fantastic photo!LOVE!

Alicia's Mom said...

So sweet -- beautiful children, beautiful Mom, inside and out!

Hallie Marie said...



OMG - these are beuatiful - especially the messy ones :) i lvoe you girl!

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