Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My phone got all kinds of jacked up on this shoot...

...probably because it fell into a pile of wet leaves and Dad had to go dig through that pile to find it... about 30 minutes after the fact while it sat there getting soggy. Now I can't read text messages (the horror!) and can't tell who is calling me, so its always a fun guessing game- is it my mom? Is it the kiddo's school? It it Simon Cowell calling to tell me my singing really IS awesome? (Jesse has this theory that everyone on the planet ,even Celine Dion and Beyonce, THINKS that they are a better singer than they actually are. And he likes to remind me of this when I am rocking out to a little MJ in the car...)

Back to the lost phone. I'm sure you are vaguely remembering - didn't something similar happen on another shoot?!?

Yes. *sigh* details here. Me and my phone are not best buds right now.  Holding out for a certain brand of phone that everyone else on the planet has except for me (don't you feel SO SORRY for me!?!)... I am locked into a contract with Sprint for the rest of my life... I just couldn't resist their last temptation of a bright green slider phone ( I mean really how COULD you resist THAT?), which extended my contract from then to infinity... and I refuse to break it and give them an extra dime of my hard earned money.

Anyway, this guy is pretty special isn't he?  Behold Mr. Owen.




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Anonymous said...

what a cutie!!!!!!!!

I too am in a contract with Sprint. Sigh. We can commiserate together.


Hallie Marie said...

lovin the leaves and the grafitti background!

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