Tuesday, August 3, 2010

5 Random Things About Yours Truly

1) I have a really big head.  When we were measured for our caps at graduation, mine was THE largest size they offered.  A little bit bigger and I would have had to go without...

2) I challenge you to find someone with a worse sense of direction than me. When Jesse was in graduate school, he had to practice administering IQ tests, so I was the guinea pig. He was practicing a test made for a pre-teen, so I was scoring pretty high in all of the categories (keep in mind I was a graduate student as well... this was before I lost 40 IQ points - ten after each kid), except my visual-spacial reasoning which was below average- for a PRE TEEN. Sad.

3) At this very moment in time, I'm crazy addicted to Words with Friends (i.e. Scrabble) on my iPhone. I hope it passes soon, because waking up and feeling the need to play at 3 a.m. is a little silly.  Reminds me of my Tetris addiction in high school...

4) I like my beer out of a can, my sodas out of the fountain and my milk straight from the udder (kidding on that last one, hahahahah!).  Jesse is flabbergasted by my love of fountain drinks and dislike of beer from a glass bottle.

5) I feel sad for men because they will never get to experience pregnancy or childbirth. They may be able to pee standing up (me=jealous), but they have no idea what they are missing.

And what's a post without a picture?



Alicia's Mom said...

I'll bet Alicia could match you for head size! and, you'rae right, the pictures makes me smile. Also, I have always felt sad that men couldn't experience preg'cy (Alicia wld. agree for different reasons) AND, I will only drink beer or diet Coke from a can! Maybe you girls were switched at birth....

Anonymous said...

Hey mama! Did you know the guys that invented Words with Friends are right here in McKinney? That's right, we;re high speed around here :)

Love your blog and looking forward to seeing you again and introducing Miss Charlotte to you in the fall! Hugs!

Katie :)

Heather said...

ok - I have a comment about all of your 5 points (I will refrain), but I laughed out loud remembering going shopping for baseball hats in college and you never being able to find one that fit your head. haha. Also, as for the direction thing... well, I will NEVER forget telling you how to get to your Dad's house in Austin after having been there once and I think you had been there, oh, about 10 times. xoxo

Stephanie said...

I can see why! I love it :-)

Kim said...

That's funny - I'm the exact opposite. I will ONLY drink beer from a glass bottle.

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