Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The session that almost wasn't...

This session was rescheduled SOOOO many times, I think it set a record. We had to deal with broken arms, my floor refinishing project from hell that kept me out of my house and forced me to move sessions around, hospital visits, and torrential Houston weather before we finally got around to shooting. In fact, Mom told me she wanted to hire me way back when I was first starting out and before I was even in business after she saw some pictures I took of a mutual friend.  As it turns out, we went to the same university (not that that's rare around these parts... GIG EM AGGIES!), AND had the same double major (Management and Marketing thank you very much), so it was destined we eventually meet up.

During our initial emails, she told me that "If there's time, I would love a picture with the kids... just so they know I did show up for more than the hospital. I'm our picture taker, so I have very few with any of them."

How many moms feel that way? Its such a sad fact of reality... Moms- if you shy away from the camera, now is the time to take control and put it in your husband's/sister's/friend's hands and ask  demand you get some pictures with your kids!!

(Now I need to take my own advice and teach that husband of mine how to work the camera!

Anywho- I think all THAT deserves an extra large sneak peek, dontcha think?!?


Anonymous said...

Tracy...I absolutely LOVE them! And you were so awesome to work with. Our people didn't even seem to be doing much that we were asking them to do and even still you managed to get great shots. I have to say....I think I'm glad our first attempts for sessions didn't work out. I wanted to have pictures of Lauren before her teeth started dropping like flies, but I love the snaggle tooth smile. When else in life can you smile without your teeth and look beautiful?? ;-) Thank you so much!!

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