Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy 7th to my crazy sweet girl

Happy 7th Birthday Kaylee. The gummy grin (cause you're missing your two front teeth!) plastered across your face all morning was something I hope I never forgot. I hope you never cease to be as excited about your birthdays as you were this morning. Heck- I hope you keep the same level of excitement about everything you have now.  Something tells me you will-  you're just that kind of girl.

This is who you are at seven years old:

So hyper. So SOOOO very hyper.

An extrovert- You do not think of strangers as strangers.  Strangers are simply new friends you haven't met yet.  I adore and admire that about you!  People just gravitate to you and you capture their hearts the minute you meet them.  We were at the pediatrician's office the other day. I was busy talking to the receptionist for a couple of minutes. When I turned around, you were behind the nurse's counter, eating lunch with them! You had a hand full of their pretzels!  Your teachers adore you.  One of them told me once that they love all their little children, but sometimes there are ones that stay in their hearts a little longer. You were one of them.  You simply have no fear or qualms about making everyone your friend. I have to admit- I'm a little jealous of that quality!

A TV watcher. You lllloooooovvvvvveeeeee to watch TV. When you aren't running around acting crazy, you could sit for hours and watch TV if I let you. I have to tear you away. Sometimes it ain't a pretty site when I turn the TV off in the middle of something you are watching. 

So loud. So SOOOO very loud.  You can't help it, your voice just carries. And carries. And carries.

A little mathematician. Yep you read that right. You will sit for hours and work on your math book (even when there are 10 kids over playing!). I catch you at least 3-4 times a week late at night working on that book. It's astonishing that one who is typically so hyper (sooooooooo hyper) and full of life can sit still that long in the midst of whatever chaos is happening in the house at the moment. You are simply enamored with numbers. I PRAY this continues!!

An athlete. You had some pretty impressive races on swim team this summer! You love any physical activity, including the tae kwon doe classes you take, rock climbing at the Y, riding your bike, and jumping off any tree you can climb onto (and it dosen't matter if you are in a dress or skirt!).

An animal lover. We don't have any pets (by order of the king of the house!), but you will go a half mile out of your way on walks to pet any dogs being walked. Sometimes at Nanni's house we find you laying on the floor all curled up with Shiner or George, stroking their chestnut fur and cooing to them.  You've been saying for years now you wanted to be a vet when you grew up!

A night owl. See above paragraph about staying up too late working on your math book. That behavior often results in some very, very sleepy mornings. I get you out of bed, dressed, teeth brushed and hair fixed- all while you are nodding off and trying to crawl back into bed.  Although this morning you woke up pretty quickly when you remembered you were seven!  The gummy grin was on your face before your feet hit the floor.

I love you my sweet, crazy, AWESOME girl! Happy Seventh Birthday!!


cheap forzest online said...


she is soooooo sweet...

Nikki Menda said...

I love all the pics, but especially love the very first one!! Awesome :)

Michelle said...

LOVE the photos and the story! I'm pretty sure if our 7 y/o Sadee Lee didn't already have a twin, then this could be her! Lots of the same qualities and habits, especially the night owl. :)
Happy Birthday, Kaylee!!

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