Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh me oh my

Love them.

I was inspired by the brilliant Brenda Acuncius, (who reported she was inspired by another awesome photographer!) to do a little shoot with my kids like this.  The light in my master bedroom was not good enough, so I somehow managed to squeeze all four kiddos into Jude's twin size bed- where the light was much better!  

I printed it out as a 20x24 collage, which is now hanging in my master. I think its my favorite new print... which is hard to beat, cause I have a lot of favorites!


Courteney Miller said...

Funny, I've always wanted to do a shoot with my babies and Chris on the white sheets/comforter and white tanks! Or at least just the babies! I saw a framed image like 10 years ago in a friend's house of her family like this and loved it!

Sarah said...

Tracy, these are beautiful! My favorite of your ever...which is saying a lot. You are so talented!

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