Friday, November 4, 2011

So this is way late...

... but Happy Halloween!

I've been in a fog of shooting, editing, ordering (tutoring, swim practice, Tae Kwon Doe)  shooting, editing, ordering (tutoring, swim practice, Tae Kwon Doe)... AND Angry Birds - my new iPhone obsession (yep you read that right, Tracy Robinson is a GAMER baby!) that the blog has taken a major backseat.    I've been trying to get clients galleries out sooner than I have in the past so I don't fall into a huge hole like I have in years past.. but I had to post this picture, even if it is waaaayyyy overdue.

Anywho- I just looovvveee this picture of my little mummy, geisha, witch, and Celtic dancer (who watched many, many YouTube videos of Celtic dancing so she could do justice to her costume).  Emily refuses to wash her face, so the Kohl eyeliner I put on in Monday is still apparent, and she finds it quite fetching. At least I think she does, because I catch her looking at herself quite a bit these days!  Thank goodness the black eyeliner I put on Kaylee's lips came off!

Oh and by the way, I'm not wearing socks right now. Want to know why? Because they would just get ROCKED OFF anyway at Guns & Roses tonight!!!!  You know where you are? You're in the jungle baby.

Later Gator.


Courteney Miller said...

love the pics T! You aren't that late you has only been 3 days since Halloween. You could be like me and not even dress your kiddos up this year :-). Time just got away from us and our minds weren't creative enough to come up with something on the fly and our pockets weren't deep enough to go out and buy costumes they were only going to wear once. LOL

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