Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We all have days like this, don't we?

This is what we are seeing a lot of since Jude has entered the terrible twos in full force... saw it at Kaylee's birthday party, Buffalo Wild Wings, the grocery store, and of course when I am trying to take his picture.

Just so you understand the full scope of his meltdown at Kaylee's party, allow me to elaborate.

Shame on me for not putting him down for a nap... I take full responsibility for the incident. It started with him writhing around on the floor at the bowling alley, kicking and screaming. He said he wanted popcorn.

We got him popcorn- A huge adult size bucket of popcorn.

Jesse laid out a napkin and put a small pile on the table for Presley, Emily, and Kaylee. Sharing was not on Jude's agenda as he screamed his protest at that gesture and proceeded to dump the rest of the bucket out into a huge pile for himself. He then laid on top of his pile to protect it, soaking the corn with his tears.

Realizing that laying on the corn trying to protect it was not going to get it all back from the girls, he, in one swooping motion, threw his pile on the floor and laid on it again. With big red eyes and tears soaking his shirt the entire time, he proceeded to cry at his bucket of spilled popcorn. For the rest of the birthday party.

It was the biggest meltdown I have ever witnessed from one of my kids. And I have SEEN some serious meltdowns.

This is another expression we see often- and what has earned him the nickname Poutyface:

Of course, as a parent, we take the good amazing, all consuming, mind blowing, awesomeness with the horrendous, terrible, awful bad right?

His alter ego gives me shots like this:

And this:

And this:

God I love this boy.

I think I will keep him.

Popcorn meltdowns and all.


Trish Badger Photography said...

What a gorgeous child... and stunning photos! Thanks for the inspiration!
P.S. I'm sure y'all will cherish those pouty face photos just as much as the smiley ones in the future and will enjoy showing them to his future wife and kids!

The Houstons said...

I just don't believe that such a fit could come out of such a handsome face!

Michelle said...

The bigger meltdowns are almost surreal to me. If the kids are just fussy, then I get cranky with them. But if they throw a huge fit, then I tend to step back and wait for the storm to pass. (Just try not to laugh and fuel the fire, right?!) Beautiful photos and model! Looking forward to more posts.

Wendy Tienken said...

What a cutie! But yeah, those tantrums just about do me in (I have 2 boys, one is 2 and the other is almost 5). Found you on the Jodified blog from your comment today. I realy like your images and your style! Looks like I'll be adding you to my Google Reader :)

Reenie said...

And who would of thought that little cute baby Jude was going the devil of the four. :)

Heather said...

That first picture of him face down is HYSTERICAL. Love it!

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