Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Emily!


At seven years old, this is who you are:

  • A creator- Anything we think of as trash, such as a broken keyboard, an old baby gate, or an empty diaper box- you will take it into your room and emerge an hour later with some kind of McGyver contraption that you have built. You recently built a roller coaster out of construction paper and other odds and ends! I promise I will do everything humanely possible to foster that creativity I see in you.
  • A carnivore- You are a meat and potatoes kind of girl. You LOVE your carbs and tear into a chicken leg like its nobody's business. I know I force you to eat your veggies, but you'll thank me one day, promise.
  • An athlete - This was the first season I have actually seen you play soccer (instead of herd ball) and never thought I could get SO wrapped up in a kids game. That first game where you scored three goals? I think I told every single person I came into contact with that day. Heck- I told everyone for at least another week afterwards!
  • A reader-You love to read. Love it. I hope the love of reading continues your entire life.
  • A fashionista- Yes, sometimes your outfits are a bit clown-ish, but other times I think "Wow... how did she come up with that combo? Now THAT's fashion!" Your teachers all comment on your outfits and how they love to see what you will be wearing next.
  • One sweet little girl. At your parent teacher conference, your teacher commented on just how likeable you are. By everyone. She commented how you don't just stick to one group, but get along with everyone. And that sometimes you just like to do things independently...even when the other kiddos want to do it in groups. Love that.

Happy 7th birthday. We love you so very much.

Love, Mommy

The awesomeness she is wearing (and the dress Kaylee is wearing above) can be found here! I love, love, love this designer. Her website says she "believes every color goes with every color." and her designs are all from recycled Ts.



Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl! This sounds so much like our Sadee. Made me shed a happy tear. God blessed you with this little angel. No one is exactly like her, but many will look up to her!

courtneycourtney said...

Your children are just stunning! Absolutely delightful. Happy Birthday Miss Emily!!!

traci said...

she's beautiful!!! i just love your colors. they pop right off my screen.

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