Sunday, December 6, 2009

Remember what I wrote here about this family? Ditto for this family and this woman. I was privelaged (I know, I know that word is spelled wrong, but it is just one of those words I will never ever remember how to spell) enough to photograph this little girl being born. And this mom, who is also a L&D nurse, photographed my sweet Jude's birth.

DANG! I'm tearing up typing that. Once I take birth pictures of anyone, after the adrenaline wears off, I have a really hard time looking at them without crying. It's just THAT cool.

But I digress. This was one ROCKING session, even though we were rushing through it because of the threat of impending rain. It started sprinkling only at the end. Right on.

What happened in the picture below was totally unplanned!

When I asked him what he wanted me to write, he said "I Love Mommy." Say it with me... AHHHHH!!!

Love you guys!


Hallie Marie said...

cute cute family

Heather said...

SO adorable! The family pic with the ice cream is probably one of my all time favorites that you have taken!!! :)

traci said...

i did say awwwww. a couple times during the post. adorable family and shots!!

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