Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Prices Increases!

I am increasing prices on everything (sitting fees and all products) effective March 15, BUT if you book a 2010 session before then, you will be grandfathered into current prices. I totally realize schedules are subject to change due to weather, baseball tournaments and ear infections, so you just need to get on the books!

And I wanted to share the funniest text message I have ever gotten with you (names have been changed to protect the innocent!, hee hee).  My friends have a four year old boy. And not just an ordinary boy. The things that come out of his mouth are pretty extraordinary.  Here is that text:

Joey woke up, came into our room, and said "Momma and Daddy, I found a poop in my underwear. It's not mine. I think its from the dog. I threw it out. "  John asked where he threw it out. Joey replies "under my closet door."

As of 8 pm last night, the renegade poo had yet to be located...


Anonymous said...

Hysterical :) ! Must know who. Need to book a session with you - just don't know when we'll be in town next... Let me get w/ Mark & let you know.
Jen (McHam)

alexa said...

OMG! That is HILLARIOUS! Wow, thanks for sharing!! :)

Kasey Justus said...

Okay, you are officially the first blog I will check everyday, from here on out!!! I have giggled, smiled, sighed and even laughed out loud (of course over the renagade poop)!!! I have 4 amazing girls and you truely never know what children will say. Thank you for posting!

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Pricing adjustments will be in effect effective March 15. Any 2010 sessions booked prior to March 15 will be grandfathered into current prices.

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