Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unless you have four small children...

... you have NO idea

how hard it is...

to get them all in one picture.

No, its not perfect. Kaylee has Emily's shoes on. Presley's hair is jacked up. Not sure what is going on with Emily's boots. But I love it.

My thanks to my awesome husband Jesse- whose story about mermaids and diarrhea elicited the laughs you see below.


This picture.

Was my Mother's Day present.

Warm fuzzies. Love these kids.

And check out this family. These cousins were all in town for grandparents 40th anniversary.


My grandparents were married 62 years before my grandfather passed away. Their neighbor said she would hear music and see them slow dancing late at night. Two little Italians in their 80s who met when they were teenagers.  May we all experience that kind of love and commitment and celebrate 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th, and maybe even 60th wedding anniversaries <3.


KeyOwn said...

absolutely LOVE the pic of your 4 crazy little ones... they are so adorable. and it cracks me up to hear how Jesse got these smiles out of them :)

Hallie Marie said...

yes I can attest to that! on our shoot I had to pretend i was bashing tracy over the head with a stick to get the twins to crack up, its one of my favorite pics of them! i literally think tracy would take a whack in the head to get an amazing shot, she is awesome! whats that, tracy you didnt get the shake weight?!

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