Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy SIXTH birthday Kaylee!

Kaylee. My crazy, crazy little Kaylee.

Six years old. Kindergartner. Wow.

kaylee 6 year blog2

This is who you are at six years old:

- You have never. And I do mean never. Met a stranger.  To you, everyone is a friend and you are as comfortable with the random person sitting three tables over at the restaurant (that you likely yelled across the restaurant to) as you are with your sisters.  I love this. I love how uninhibited you are around people. You love everyone- you wrote your kindergarten teacher a note telling her you loved her before the first day of school. I get a little lump in my throat thinking about how truly and perfectly innocent and  so very Kaylee that gesture was.

- Loud. So, so, so very loud. Not that we are quiet around here, but wow- your voice reaches decibels higher than any other six year old I know. Once I asked you to quit shouting. You replied "I DONT SHOUT MOMMY, I JUST HAVE A LOUD VOICE."  At least you know who you are.

- So very messy. I think that goes with the uninhibited thing. Sometimes you make me crazy trying to keep up with your messes... you're like a little hurricane! You share a room with Presley, who tries so very hard to be clean and organized. I believe its likely a futile effort.  We would probably both be better off if we just shut the door and pretended the mess wasn't there, wouldn't we?

- A blooming artist (I hope!). I asked you if you wanted to play soccer again in the fall. You replied "I just want to do arts and crafts all day mommy," (or rather "I JUST WANT TO DO ARTS AND CRAFTS ALL DAY MOMMY!").

- Hyper. It's hard for you to focus because you need to keep moving. That is, unless you are hyper-focused on something- in which case you can concentrate like no other (this is usually either an arts and crafts project or the LOVE watching TV).

- Curious. If there is something to be picked up and examined, no matter how insignificant it seems to the rest of us- you have already picked it up, turned it over (even if it is a plug in of wood-stain-removing-air- freshner that ended up spilling all over my newly refinished hardwood floors... oh the thought of this makes me want to cry), and asked someone what it was, what was it doing there, and how is it used.

-Smiley- you smile (a great-big-light-up-the-room smile) all.the.time.

- Funny. You are just a funny kid. You walked into Nannie's living room the other day after playing a computer game, and declared you had just ordered something to be sent to the house for your birthday. We are still waiting to see if it was your imagination or if a big yellow tattooed circus elephant (or something similarly random) shows up on the FedEx truck.

kaylee 6 year blog1

I joke that I am going to get a call one day when you are a teenager and you will have hitchiked to Mexico on a whim and you will be standing at the top of a bridge ready to bungee jump with a group of European celebrities. You're just crazy and random like that.

You are one of a kind. Don't ever try to conform- no one will ever be quite like Kaylee.

I'm so very priveleged to be your mommy.


Anonymous said...

love, love, love!!! :o)~Lacee

Heather said...

The last part about the hitchhiking just makes me smile every time I hear you say that!! I hope and pray that if I am lucky enough to have a kid someday, they will be a little Kaylee (or like any of yours for that matter!). xoxo

Bowlings said...

Never ever ever is Paisley allowed to hang out with Kaylee...they wold be t.r.o.u.b.l.e together :-)
Love the cool dress- who made that? I need Kirsten to start her children's line so we can sport some cool KE stuff!

Michell Valentine said...

We should all be able to articulate the qualities of our children so well and with so much pleasure and appreciation for their individuality. Tracy you are clearly a beautiful human being with a true zest for life. They are lucky kids to have you as a mommy.

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