Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm surprised I can even type today...

...since my entire body is one large pile of sore.  Why you ask? Well, I thought since I was in good running shape, a one hour "Cardio Challenge" class would be a breeze. After all, I can run for two hours straight fairly easily (in case you are wondering, I've been training for a half marathon ;-)), so one hour of cardio is just a warmup right? Well, the Jillian Michaels-esque, sadistic, psychopath, drill sargeant of a YMCA instructor obviously felt otherwise.  Who decided incorporating push-ups in a cardio class was a good idea? Then, the next day, I decided to do my first weight lifting class in a long time ever, which resulted in me not even being able to lift Jude into a shopping cart at Ye Olde Target because my arms had somehow been replaced by jellyfish.

So that's why I'm a huge pile of sore. Now I'm sitting in a computer chair, and the second I get up to do anything, my whole body is going to scream in protest as I limp away.

Anywho, I'm still blogging some fabulous people from the Fall, so in no particular order, here are a few more beauties :-). 

Oh, and the little bitty sporting the "Love" dress did indeed say "I love you Ms. Tracy" about halfway through the shoot. <3, <3, <3.

These cousins are back from last year :-)

Know why I love the picture below so much? When I went over to Mom's house to help her with her order, she looked at this image for the umpteenth time and a big grin spread across her face. She told me I could not have captured their individual personalities any better than in this picture. 

Love that.

And a girl playing with her lovie in the sunlight ::Sigh:: nothing more lovely that that.


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