Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nothing went right on this shoot...

... but somehow it all turned out OK. First of all, I went to the wrong location. Ummm- hello, doesn't everyone know that when you agree to meet at Fellowship of the Woodlands, that REALLY means meet at Woodlands United Methodist? DUH. Maybe scheduling a shoot with me should come with a disclaimer "photographer is NON spacial and does not know her way around. You MUST confirm location with her at least 3 times prior to the shoot."


(I just couldn't bring myself to edit out the drool below)
So since I was already 30 minutes late, little Tristan had been running around in the wonderful crisp Texas weather (NOT) and was a bit on the er, sweaty side by the time I got there. I brought my 6 year old Emily along, as she is a fantastic photographer's assistant and her silly dance moves bring out smiles in even the most cranky toddlers. The huge fountain was a little too much for her take and within 5 minutes, she had gotten all the way in, totally clothed.- maybe I should rethink my strategy of using child labor.... I decided to let her play while we took some pictures of the kiddos.

However,  Tristan couldn't resist either, so within another 2 minutes, he was in the fountain as well. So off came the shorts and the rest of the photo shoot was done with him in his little blue polo shirt and new "Cars" underoos.

BUT, the session turned out GREAT! Look at these candid shots. This is what being a boy is all about. Running around splashing in your underoos. Little girls often like dressing up and getting their picture taken. Little boys like running. And getting dirty. And flying like superheros!  Love it. Left the shoot with the biggest smile on my face knowing I got some fantastic candids.

Too bad dad couldn't make it. Oh wait, here is a picture of him. 
 (Ok, that's my attempt at being funny b/c the family resemblance is SOOOO STRONG!)

Another funny part of the shoot... when we were finishing up, my husband brought my kiddos out to say hello (we all go way back ;)) and my girls, who were dressed up in their princess outfits, ALSO had their Cars underoos on.  Why do my girls wear little boy's underwear you may ask? Why the answer is simple. Because they have "pockets," of course.


Anonymous said...

LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the candid ones of Tristan!!!!!! And the others turned out great too!!!!!! You rock :) !!!!!!!!!!!!! Jen

Anonymous said...

Love them! Your kids are growing up fast Jenny!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Love all of the pics! :)

Anonymous said...

Aww...such sweet pictures! I love the ones playing in the water!

Honeycutt Family said...

Beautiful shots!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful little M's every one of them. Tracy - I need some lessons in photo shop color enhancement. I love your color! ;)

- Jen F.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures! But of course, you had gorgeous subjects. You have a gift.

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